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Terms & conditions

1.  Copyright. It is the responsibility of the client/customer to ensure copyright approval has been correctly granted for any design, artwork, text, photography or any other creative work forwarded to Brushmark Signs (or the correct licence purchased if applicable) for any copyrighted work that has been supplied by the client/customer to be incorporated into the design of the sign.

2. Design & colour difference. Unless specifically marked “To scale” visuals and creative designs sent to the client are not to scale.

Any specific or “nearest match” colour should be agreed before production.
Colours can vary depending on different screens and print /paint processes; please note that the finished sign may have some colour difference.

3. Planning permission. Please be aware that it is the client/customers responsibility to ensure any planning or other approval such as building, council, local authority or any other required permission is granted or approved for signage.

4.  Care of your sign. All signs by Brushmark Signs are hand painted and, as with all painted surfaces, care should be taken to avoid damage. Gently wipe clean using a clean soft damp cloth and clean lukewarm water. Do not use sprays, power washers, chemicals, solvents or abrasive cleaners etc as these can damage the surface of the sign.

5.  Position of the sign. It is the responsibility of the client/customer to ensure that the sign is positioned away from areas where accidental damage may occur due to cleaning, over spray of chemicals, cleaning solutions, heat sources or other activity nearby that may cause surface damage.

6.  Brackets & fittings. All sizes quoted are approximate. As wood is a natural product some small changes in dimensions may occur during the production and painting process. For this reason the client/customer is advised to wait until they are in possession of the finished sign prior to the manufacture of any custom brackets/installations to ensure accurate fitting.

Brushmark signs supply the painted sign only. It is the responsibility of the client/customer to ensure any fixtures and fitting contractor/business provides a suitable bracket plus correct safe, professional and secure installation.

7.  Quality. Exterior grade professional paints and finishes are used for each sign. Each sign has a curing and settling period allowing the various paints and treatments to fully bond. Brushmark Signs allows an extended period of 3 months for this curing and settling period.

If an issue arises during the 3 month period from delivery to the client/customer, the sign will be assessed for repair or replacement to determine if the production or paint process is the cause of the problem or whether an environmental or other external reason has resulted in damage (either accidental or deliberate) including, but not limited to, direct or indirect chemical or corrosive overspray, overly vigorous cleaning of the sign with harsh or abrasive cleaning products, using cloths/water containers or attachments that have previously been used/contaminated with cleaning agents, chemicals etc., using a hose or pressure washer, vandalism, collision or physical impact, heat sources.

If the issue is accepted by Brushmark Signs as being caused by the result of the production or paint process during the initial 3 months from delivery to the client/customer a repair or replacement will be offered. If it is determined that the damage has occurred due to external reasons which are beyond Brushmark Signs control (see, Care of your sign; Position of the sign and Events beyond Brushmark Signs control) a quote and payment terms will be given by Brushmark Signs for the cost of any replacement or repair.

Evaluation of any damage to a sign will be by comparison to other work using the same materials in a similar time scale or longer with a previously fitted Brushmark signs hand painted sign to determine the probable cause and effect. After 3 months it will be accepted that the paint/treatment processes have bonded sufficiently and any damage cannot be attributed to the production or painting process.

Ongoing maintenance of signs is not included. Hand painted signs on wood or metal are treated and exterior paints are used, some natural ageing and weathering will occur over time.

8.  Liability. Any agreed liability between a client/customer and Brushmark Signs will be limited to the original cost/value of the sign only, or a like for like replacement sign of up to the same value as the original sign. No claim will be accepted for any perceived loss of business, including but not limited to administration, legal costs or additional sign removal, fitting or contractor charges.

9.   Repair or replacement. Any sign that Brushmark signs agree to repair or replace will be put into production with completion dependent on availability such as scheduled holidays & workload at the time.

10.   Courier charges. All courier/delivery charges are to be paid by the client/customer including any fees including but not limited to import taxes and or fees due on international deliveries.

Brushmark Signs will not accept liability for any courier fees incurred by the client/customer if a sign is returned for repair or replacement without prior agreement of Brushmark Signs. If it is accepted by Brushmark Signs that any probable cause of damage is due to the production or paint process during the initial 3 months from delivery to the client/customer courier charges and arrangements must be agreed between the client and Brushmark Signs in writing prior to returning.

If an external event beyond Brushmark signs control (see Care of your sign, Position of the sign and Events beyond Brushmark Signs control) has caused damage to the sign and a repair is required, all courier charges including any international import/export tax or duty fees are to be paid by the client/customer. It is the responsibility of the client/customer to ensure any agreed returns are packaged adequately to ensure safe & undamaged delivery.

Any damaged sign delivered by the courier must be reported within five working days.

11. Balance of payment to Brushmark signs. Any overdue/unpaid invoice legal or administrative fees required to complete payment to Brushmark signs will be added to the overdue original invoice.

12.  Events beyond Brushmark signs control including, but not limited to, a period of sickness, fire; flood; severe weather damage and effects will be regarded as a force majeure event Work will re-commence on any outstanding projects as appropriate and conditions allow.

13. External contractors suppliers & contacts Please be aware that any external contractors suppliers & contacts are suggestions only & not recommendations by Brushmark signs.  External contractors suppliers & contacts operate independently to Brushmark signs and no liability for any external work will be accepted by Brushmark signs.

14.  Jurisdiction & consumer rights. The laws of England and Wales apply. Your statutory consumer rights are not affected.

Brushmark Signs reserve the right to update these terms and conditions from time to time without notice. Updates will be posted on the website.


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